About 20 years ago, a company named Marciano Watches started specializing itself in creating tailored watches and accessories programs for chain stores across North America. The goal was to offer quality gear accessories at affordable prices.
Throughout the years, the company developed a collection of digital watches after it understood that many individuals needed and wanted a digital watch but couldn't pay such high prices.  The name SPORTECH was then born.  

Our Mission

At SPORTECH, our mission is to make high-quality sports watches accessible to everyone. We believe that outdoor gear doesn't have to be expensive in order to be effective, and we are committed to providing our customers with the best outdoor experience possible through our affordable and high-quality products. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the go-to source for affordable and reliable sports watches for active individuals everywhere. We strive to be a company that customers can rely on, with products that they can trust to perform in any environment. 
The goal is to make the outdoors accessible to everyone, regardless of their budget. We want to empower our community to explore the world around them, to push their limits and to experience the thrill of adventure without breaking the bank.

Our Focus

Our Focus is to make sure that everyone should have access to the gear they need to pursue their outdoor passions. That's why we offer a wide range of sports watches at affordable prices, without compromising on quality or performance. From durable silicone straps to water-resistant casings, our watches are designed to withstand the rigors of an active lifestyle. So whether you're hitting the gym, hitting the trails, or hitting the town, Sportech has the perfect timepiece for you.