About 20 years ago, a company named Marciano Watches started specializing itself in creating tailored watches and accessories programs for chain stores across North America. The goal was to offer quality items at an affordable prices.
Throughout the years, the company developed a collection of digital watches after understanding that so many individuals needed and wanted a digital watch but couldn't pay such high prices.  The name SPORTECH was then born.  

Our Mission

 SPORTECH  aims to focus on developing essential sporting products to maximize playing and exploring experiences.  All while focusing on making those products of quality and affordable.  

Our Vision

SPORTECH is about helping dream driven people explore new limits they never thought they were able to achieve. Buying outdoor products and gadgets should not come at an expensive price. We aim to provide a great adventure experience and offering the chance to easily meet your goals without worrying about your bank account too much. .

Our Focus

Our cove values at SPORTECH is developing an outdoor product that will last and wont cost you much.  We believe that exploring the great outdoors should be easy to just pick up and leave at any given moment. When you think about it the nature belongs to everyone. Get your basics to stay safe and let your inner calling guide you.