Where it all started....1994

Explore the mountain with proper gear and still be affordable.

SPORTECH is a name created in 1994  to blend sports and technology into an affordable watch. Offering different styles and colors for men, women and kids.

Founded in Montreal,Qc Sportech's main business model is wholesale to Sports and outdoors retailers accross North America. Ever since the pandemic, in-store shopping slowed down drastically. We then decided to expand our business and offer shoppers the opportunity to buy our watches on retail basis. 


 The vision...


SPORTECH is all about guiding people with dreams to explore new limits they never thought they were able to achieve. We believe it's all about finding the most breathtaking views; The most unique hiking experiences and chasing the highest waterfalls. 
We dare to explore. We dare to reach new heights and destinations. We dare to enjoy the moment and be passionate about whatever it is you do. Most importantly share your unique experience with friends and family.

SPORTECH encourages the individual to work hard, sweat, persevere and be dedicated to where they want to be in the future. 

We are here to empower men, women and kids to keep track of time; as time as we may all know is limited.

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